Vi säljer kläder, reservdelar och tillbehör från de största och kändaste tillverkarna.


KLIM Technical Riding Gear is the global leader in designing, developing and manufacturing the most advanced motor sports apparel for the snowmobile and motorcycle rider. Utilizing the world’s highest technologies in waterproof, breathable, durable and comfortable materials, KLIM builds gear for the most demanding riders.


509 manufactures an industry leading line of goggles, helmets & casual wear designed specifically for backcountry snow sports.


Since the beginning, Dragon set out to be the leading eyewear and accessories brand in the active youth lifestyle market by supporting the best athletes with the best product, while remaining connected to core retailers and consumers. That mission still holds true today and is the driving force behind the company’s success and heritage.


Along with our regular mountain specific gear, we are also introducing our elite FXR ”Mountain Air” series. Dedicated to the high performance mountain rider, we have industry leading quality boots, the lightest helmets in the market, and of course the best technical jackets and pants you can find.


Bihr Nordic är Skandinaviens ledande leverantör av tillbehör, personlig utrustning och reservdelar inom motorcykel, motocross, moped, cykel, ATV, snöskoter och marint. Sortimentet är heltäckande med fokus på internationellt starka varumärken och du hittar produkterna hos över 2500 återförsäljare.


Jetwear is the new independent clothing brand with a unique and original freeride perspective. Drawing influences from other subcultures such as snowboarding, skiing, music and fashion, we strive to empower the individual with premium products.


SCOTT Sport’s high-end bike, wintersport, motosport, outdoor and running products showcase our passion for sports and the great outdoors. INNOVATION – TECHNOLOGY – DESIGN is the essence behind all SCOTT products and the vision of our engineers and designers.